Quality People. Quality Service.
Caring Makes the Difference.
Quality People. Quality Service.
Caring Makes the Difference.

Since 1957


We are in the 'People Business.' 

We connect with our clients, our employees, and our community to the best of our ability, making sure we care about the image we put forth.

Our motto is 'Caring Makes the Difference.' since 1957

Because we really believe it does. 

Our Newest Award Winners

                                      Congratulations to William Fain for 14 Years Safe Driving.                       Thank you from all of us!

                 A big "THANK YOU" goes out to Warren Thornton for 2 years of safe driving.                     Keep on being safe out there!

Our Congratulations Goes out to Bryan Rose for 15 Years of service. Thank you for all you do!       Heres to 15 more years!

                           Congratulations goes out for James Velez for 10 years of service.                  Thank you for your service to Howells Motor Freight!

Howells Motor Freight wants to give Felix 'Lil Man' Toxey a huge "Thank You" for 38 years of Service!  

                                      Congratulations to James Wahnon for 4 years of safe driving.                                        Thank you and keep on being safe out there.

                                Shout out to Michael Hilderbran for 1 year of safe Driving.                   Thank you and keep on being safe.

Congratulations goes out to Daniel Rivera for 6 years of Safe Driving. Way to go Daniel!   Thank you from all of us at Howells.

Congratulations to Alton Pack for 4 years of Safe Driving and 5 years of Service to Howells Motor Freight. Thank you and stay safe out there.

Congratulations go out to Greg Howell for 13 years safe driving. Thank you for watching out for the other guy!  Keep on down the road!

Recent Employee Events at Howells

We all say a sad-happy fairwell to Mark Trammel after 37 years of service to Howells. It is with tears and laughter that he leaves us to start his next adventure. Thanks goes out to Mark for all his hard work and dedication. To our own Gentle Giant, Come back and see us sometime!  

Howells Celebrates Christmas with a lunch brought in to help celebrate the coming Holiday. Thanks goes out to everyone for all of your hard work through out the year! Food is stacked up and ready to go, Scrumptious!                   Merry Christmas!  God Bless every one!

Howells Motor Freight Shouts out to Leigh Peterson on her 46th!!!       

  Howell’s participated in a Sharing the Road Event at Indian River High School and Deep Creek High School in Chesapeake, VA, around 250 students were involved, Sponsored by Virginia Trucking Association and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. This event is to teach young drivers on the proper way of sharing the road with Tractor Trailers. Different stations are identifying blind spots. Each of the young drivers sat in the drivers seats of the Tractor Trailer so they could experience what it was like and to look for the cars that were positioned around the trucks. Drivers instructed  on safety and shared driving experiences that they have had. Our Thanks go out to all that participated.                                                                                                                      SHARE THE ROAD!!               

Charlotte Celebrated Driver Appreciation with a Cookout. Looks like it is ready to eat and everyone is filling up their plates. LOOKS YUMMY!!! 


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